Jo's Website: Personal Things, Penguins, Linux, Photos


to the website the world has been waiting for. (Maybe it didn't knew yet.) Though, I've collected some more or less interesting things about me, the web, penguins, live, universe and all the rest. Since it doesn't fit into a single page anymore (due to the continuously expanding universe) I split it up into several even more interesting pages. This one just holds the links to the pages with the links to the pages with the links to ...

Some pages are still available in german only. Find out wich ones ;-).

After a break of 20 years I have started to renovate these pages. And soon I will certainly add some new photos and recipes. Promised. 🙈

(At least) have fun with it!

Wer hier kein Wort versteht, geht besser (wieder) auf die deutsche Seite.

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