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My hobbies

My work

Yes, my work also is my hobby. Not the problems with the customers, not the stress with close deadlines, but finding solutions for difficult (not only technical) problems. Developing new ways to better, easyer or cheaper solutions. And making things real - pure theory is not that interesting to me. That's how I got to work with drives: Something has to move in the end.

The problem is to come to an end. Otherwise I stay whole nights in the oficce or lab working on some interesting problems. But I mostly succeed in holding the balance.

Montain hiking

see picture (Summer '21 on the way from Klein Walsertal to Meran)

Bicycle riding

It's fun and it's useful (as means of transport). In addition it's a good compensation for the long hours of sitting in an office. I'm not riding very fast (I am not a genuine sportsman), but quite frequently and sometimes for longer distances.

Ice skating / inline skating

I am ice skating for a long time now. There I gained enough expertise not to fall down every two meters ;-). Since summer '97 I too started inline skating. That's like ice skating - just warmer. And you do it around the lake - not on it. Though in the area where I live you normaly do indoor ice skating - the lakes freeze in very few winters only. That is another advantage of inline skating. You can do it in (hopefully nice) landscape.

Cooking (and Eating ;-)

I like eating well very much, but you can't go out for dinner every evening. So I had to learn cooking. Then (mostly ;-) I can make it exact as I like it. And of course cooking is much fun. You can do it with friends wich makes it even more fun. I eat nearly everything (it just has to be dead), but I have a preference for the mediterenean kitchen: spanish, french, italian and turkish. Dearest with hors-d'oeuvre and dessert. Since I belive that some of my dishes could be interesting to other people too, I put some recipes on these pages.


In December '97 I have seen people chatting. It was in the "Cafe Connect" in Gelsenkirchen. Then I discovered chatting for myself. It's a funny way to "meet" new, interesting people. This way you'll get in to contact with people you would never have met any other way. Sadly the Cafe Connect got closed down meanwhile - I even don't live in Gelsenkirchen any more, but that doesn't keep me from chatting.

Meanwhile Web-Chat and IRC are quite oudated so I use Signal. (The cocktail looks better today: Ÿ → 🍸)


Since telling you all the things I like would result in a very long page I stop just here.

I just mention some of the rest: visiting theatres (Gelsenkirchen has a really good ballet), watching movies, reading books (Terry Pratchet, Douglas Adams, ...), listen to music (Pink Floyd, Dire Straits, Supertramp, Tote Hosen, Ärzte, ...), dancing, meeting friends, playing badminton, sailing, taking fotos, ...